Agnese Trocchi (Italy)

Agnese Trocchi

was born as *macchina*, a digital entity, in AVaNABbs ( (Bullettin Board System part of the European Counter Network, settled in “Forte Prenestino” ( squat center, Rome), she has been animating areas free of everykind of moderation as “Nomadism” and “Cyberpunx debat”
Since then she has been an active participant in the development of counter-networks in Rome, from the city-network to TheThing Roma (
She grows up in techno organized disorder from the cradle of necrotic European culture and she created with Francesco Macarone Palmieri a web site focused on the illegal rave scene in Italy: Ordanomade, Children of The Noise Age. ( One of her strategic passions is spinning an aesthetic terrorism playing with detournment and plagiarism; She is co-editor of the magazine Torazine: pills of pop-countercoulture (
She is co-founder of CANDIDA TV ( a video project of infestation of the mainstream television channels. CANDIDA TV is a group of Video Hacktivist and Visual Dements.
From 1999 she has been collaborating with Diane Ludin and Francesca Da Rimini at the net_project Identity_Runners ( The project has been presented in several exibitions fin Australia, Europe and USA and on-line exibitions.
She has been collaborating with the on-line hacker community in Italy partecipating and documenting the Hackmeetings that took place every year in Italy since 1998
She is collaborating with ( as a videomaker in a decentralized network community.
She is presenting a project “Warriors of perception” based on the Freenet Network ( as part of the “Kingdom of Piracy [KOP]” online exibition.
She has been hosted as Artist in Residency at THETHING New York ( on June 2002
Agnese also writes fictions and essays that has been published in several books and magazines.

Agnese Trocchi participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Current Positions of Italian netart