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80/81 is composed by 4 persons:
Francesca Pellion di Persano born in Torino, 26/3/1975.
Sebastiano Vitale Brovarone born in Torino, 9/3/1975
Antonio Rollo born in Lizzanello (LE), 28/4/1971
Luca Barbeni born in Torino, 1/10/76

>> 1997 – 99
80/81 is a multi-discipline group constituted after formative experiences:
accademia internazionale arti e media.
Interscena is a project managed by Paolo Atzori, teaching at the Kunsthocschule fur medien of Koln ( http://www.khm.de ), structured in intensive workshops on the creative use of the new technologies held by teacher of the school of Koln and by european artists experimenting the new media languages ( Angela Melitoupolos, Kris Krois, An Reich, Jo Seiler, Struart Rosemberg, Merel Mirage, Peter Kiefer, Anthony Moore ).
The worksops were addressed to 20 european artists. The high qualitative level, made it easy to keep in touch after the course the teacher with the students.
At the end of the courses there have been two productions for the theater festival Fabbrica Teatrale, with important collaborations among which the one of the Fura dels Baus.
The Accademia gave the opportunity to 80/81 to meet and work with very qualified teachers and artists: Cesare Monti Montalbetti, Sergio Toffetti, Marco Maria Gazzano, Edoardo Fadini, Roberto Luca Taroni, Maurizio Gregorini, Marcello Pecchioli, that covered a wide variety of academic fields such as history of the cinema, media antropoly and so on. A very formative experience has been the workshop held by the director of the McLuhan Institute of the University of Toronto, Derrick de Kerckhove.
After the formative experiences 80/81 starts to work as a group in 1997 in a merely scientific way, on multimedial shows and internet sites such as:
Ascensore (1998)
ReMida (1998)
Minotauro (1998)
>> 2000 – 01
At the end of 1999, 80/81 starts to work at the Island.8081 project (www.8081.com), free project, the duration of which is estimated around two years.
With Island.8081 the network of relations and collaborations is increasing enormously, thanks to a great visibility ( 140000 visits since february 2000 to february 2001).
Island is proving to be one of the most important sites in the net art.
Island .8081 has had important reviews and is now linked on many sites.
The most important between the reviews have been;
www.thebitscreen.com – on-line digital cinema festival of Philadelphia
www.britannica.com – gateway of the eminent british encyclopidea
www.infobeat.com – cult newspaper on new technologies in the States
The bitscreen’s ( a site dedicated to digital cinema) supervisor, Nora Berry, is introdudig gradually Island.8081 in the digital cinemas field (in the festivals of Osaka, Rotterdam, Berlin, Montreal).
Thanks to the project Island.8081, 8081 is present in the world’s most important net-art gallery site, www.hell.com ( now www.no-such.com ), a reference in the visual art and experimentation projects. No-such is formed by 20 groups from all over the world.
8081 is the only italian group, and of the few europeans.With No-such 8081 realizes http://chaos.no-such.com, one of the three projects realized by hell during è years of activity, and participates to the FIB ( Festival Internacional de Benicassim), held between the 4 and 6 august 2000 in Benicassim in Spain; FIB is the most important festival of commercial music in Spain.
80/81 is currently working on some projects, the most important of which are the realization of an international center of production and digital culture in Barcelona, a structural remake of no-such and the site hell.com.
80/81 is also working on the desert of Island.8081, a new part of the site realized with the collaboration of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo and the University of Alicante.
80/81 is currently working on the projects of a festival of digital art and media: LIMANORA. That festival will be in Tourin during november. Whit this festival 80/81 wish to examine the relationship beetwen art and techologies.

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