Yucef Merhi (Venezuela)

Yucef Merhi

Yucef Merhi is an artist and poet based in New York. Merhi’s career include a world wide exhibition record with shows in major museums, such as the New Museum of Contemporary Art, in New York; Galería de Arte Nacional, in Caracas; Paço das Artes, in Sao Paulo, and the Borusan Culture & Art Center, in Istanbul; among many others. More recently, his work was been featured at the 7th International Festival of New Film, in Split, Croatia; El Museo
del Barrio Biennial , located in New York; as well as The Project, in Los Angeles, California.

Merhi’s artistic practice has been focused on the research of cultural references and technical resources that can be applied to establish dynamic models of information. He started producing cultural objects 17 years ago, programming digital movies using an Atari 2600. Since that time he has developed methods and machines to articulate cultural, social, political, economical, religious and philosophical issues. Most of this content has been comprised in poetic constructions

Yucef Merhi participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • LatinoNetarte.net – netart from Latin countries