Yota Morimoto (Japan)

Yota Morimoto

Yota Morimoto (*1981) is a Japanese composer, sound artist born in Sao
Paulo, Brazil, currently undertaking a research at The Institute of
Sonology in The Netherlands. His works explore unconventional
approaches to generating and transmitting sound, implementing models
of noise, turbulence and abstract machines. He has performed in
festivals and conferences such as TodaysArtFestival [den haag], NWEAMO
[mexico], Transmediale [berlin], ISEA [ruhr], ICMC [belfast], and SMC
[porto]. Beside those activities, he has collaborated with musicians
such as Frances-Marie Uitti, Tatiana Koleva, Masato Suzuki, Akane
Takada, Keiko Niimi and Luc Döbereiner.