Yarina Butkovska (Ukraine)

Yarina Butkovska Lviv/Ukraine
Yarina Butkovska

journalist, author and presenter of different radio projects, writer, DJ, editor, reporter, curator

Born in August, 4th,1982 in Ternopil, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.

1999 – 2004, studying in Lviv National University on journalism faculty

2000 – 2003, Radio «Initiative» 102.5 fm
Author and presenter of projects on cultural and social thematic, DJ: «Radiometro», «Pret a porte», «Art review», «Virmenska, 35th », «CinemaTest», «Radio theatre»…

2002 – 2003, Radio «Lviv wave»
Journalist in newsroom: reporter, editor
2003 – 2005, TV channel «HTA»
Journalist in newsroom: cultural and social thematic reporting
2005 – 2007, Radio «Ternopil»
Editor in news department
2007– 2008 – curator of the First International Festival of Videoart «Kinolevchyk»

Currently empoyed @ Andrei Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv