Yanin Lorey

Yanin Lorey

Yanin Lorey, born in 1979, Argentina, studied Films, Literature, Social Psychology, Yoga, Primary School Teachers and Dj Music and Production.
Exhibition of poetry with videos and illustrations / Selected to take part:
2004-Festival of Electronic music – Theater of Comedy. Bs As.
2013-Festival of Art in Venado Tuerto. Arg.
2015-International Slam Festival, in Auckland. N.Zealand,
2016- subsidized – National Poetry Day Festival – Auckland. New Zealand
2017-International Poetry Festival – Austin Texas, USA
2018-Art Festival in Mt Elleville Art Gallery-Auckland, New Zealand
2018- 2019 International Video-Poetry Festival- Athens, Greece.
2019-International Bizarre Video Festival – Russia.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?

Title of Video : “Breathe”, 2020, 3:07
Synopsis: A woman locked up, breathes, traumatic, in a sad and dark room. Deeply, she wishes and remembers life in nature.