Xerex C. Fang (Taiwan)

Xerex C. Fang
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

ChenPo Fang, an artist born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. His work employs a wide range of formats including visuals, sound, and music. He also seeks to incorporate web technologies in his work. Currently reside in Taiwan but roaming between cities.

Releasing status quo consciousness – 2008 Digital Art Award Taipei Sound art
Participating artist

Emily indie rock band|

Cocktail – Indie Movie|
Background Music & Theme Music & Sound Mixing and Mastering

LOWFICTION matrixParty Vol.1 –Music Live Show / Multi-Image Device Exhibition

You Know Where The East Is – Album by Chinese Rock Singer Zuoxiao Zuzhou|
Guitar Arrangement & Recording

Touched / untouched – Best Experimental Film of The 30th Golden Harvest Awards|
Background Music & Sound Mixing and Mastering