Wolfgang Peter Menzel (Sweden)

Wolfgang Peter Menzel
http://earwolf.wordpress.com Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

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  • Selection of works

    ( born in Wilhelmshaven / Germany / living in Sweden since 1974)

    1965 drawings. Central Park.Wilhelmshaven.Germany.

    1969 Doublewindows. Poems. Berlin.

    1983 Photography. Artforum. Norrköping. Sweden

    1991 Death and desire. Photography. Linköping. Sweden.

    1992 Pacemaker. Installatin with sound, video and objects. Linköping.

    1993 Photographies. Participated in Sweden Art Festival. Kaunas. Lithuania.

    1996 Defense. Paintings and objects. Tift. Sweden.

    1997 CARGO. Objects, paintings. Copenhagen. Denmark

    1998 BATTLE. Monumental sculpture. Iron/cement. Linköping

    1997 Kommando Ketchup Berlin (participating) . Art hall Passagen. Linköping

    1998 Samuel Becketts mailbox. Objects and sound. Linköping. Showcase gallery.
    2002 Alfaomega. Monumental sculpture. Stainless steel. Linköping

    2003 ORLUNDA WAVES. Electroacoustic sound composition.
    On Deutschlandradio. Berlin
    ENERGY PLAYING MILLS. Electroacoustic sound assembly
    at Electric Rainbow Coalition. Dartmouth, NH, USA.
    black angels. Video and sound on www.memorial for the victims
    of terror.

    2004 BROKEN CONCERT. Electroacoustics at playground SANDLÃ…DA.
    ALKA / d-house artists union. Linköping

    Coulors of freedom / red / white / blue. Digital prints.
    POSITIONS in regional art / EAST SWEDEN . Art hall. Linköping

    ONE RED CIRCLE – TWO LONG STRINGS, elektroacoustic
    live performance at SANDLÃ…DA, ALKA artists house, September

    STRING VARIATION, elektroakustic music.
    Freies Radio Kassel, BORDERLINE – Musik für
    Grenzgänger. Redaktion Dirk Liese, 9th sept

    One-minute-vacation. THE QUIET AMERICAN.
    Soundscapes on net. Moderation: Aaron Ximm, ljudkonstnär, USA.
    CRICKETS FROM CANARY ISLANDS, Spain, 13th September

    A BROKEN CONCERT. Elektroakustic music. Time: 6:54 min.
    At: www.le-musee-divisioniste.org/concerthall by Agricola de
    Cologne. Curators: Tobias van Veen ( Montreal / Canada), John
    Kannenberg ( Chicago/USA), Zoe Drayton (Auckland/New Zeeland),
    Juan Antonio Lleó (Madrid/Spain), Eva Sjuve (Bergen/Norway),
    Melody parker-Carter ( Germany).

    Longstring NYKP ( elektroacoustic experiment) and ”Bruce”,painting, in SCALE JOURNAL, nr. 8+9, redaktör J.Swanson.
    Online- and pdf magazin. http://scale.ucsd.edu/ USA. San Diego.

    FROM ASHES MEMORY. Exhibition with artificial objects from the atist, hidden objects and such from the Wunderkammer at Linköpings
    Library. From 20th of november 2004 to january 15th 2005.

    LONGSTRING SAMPLES at www.fabulat.com ( Norway ). Two
    electroacoustic music pieces with longstring experiments.

    2005 Public silence-shouting for ART´S BIRTHDAY. Vienna
    ORF. Together with 8 European radio stations broadcasted over
    Europe january 17th . http://kunstradio.at Performing: Permanent
    Creation and alien productions, Austria. Vienna.
    Sounds at soundscape-fm.net ( TRANSMEDIALE, Berlin).

    Net EP / longstring sounds at www.fabulat.com

    Three pieces from the net EP at fabulat.com and ACEHREKVIEM at
    http://tsunami.a-virtual-memorial.org /

    EX TRASHES. net EP at www.fabulat.com under artist name RUMPELKAMMER.

    BRUS II. Sound-live-performance with waterfall. 24 aug.Linköping.

    Photographies from Berlin ( 5 + 22 ) at www.minimalportal.dk

    BYTET and INDEPENDENCE DAY. Paintings. Acrylics.
    at Vadstena Culture Festival. Mejeriet / Ateljé Koma.

    2006 EXTENSION. 6 longstringsounds. Totally 22 min. at

    accepted submission of longstringwater (eam) for http://www.openspace.ca/audiospace/index.htm
    Victoria,British Columbia, Canada

    soundproduction for www.ssshhhhh.dk ( Denmark ) KVARNEN

    paintings / drawings / digital pictures
    cafégallery / Town hall / Linköping

    ARCHES OF A STRING . elctroacoustic soundwork, 69 min. as
    netlabelrelease at www.stasisfield.com

    FRÄMMANDE. Eastern Sweden Museum. In this show represented
    with a video- and soundwork: EUROPE TRANSIT.

    FLIPCHART SHOW. At JR Art Hall. Video and showcase : Art as idea.
    Linköping. video and showcaseposter.

    me and myself . electroacoustic music in A show for Bethlehem.
    Curator: Agricola de Cologne. Al Kahf Art Gallery, Bethlehem. August.

    STILLEBEN ( STILLIFE ). Installation at Skådebanan gallery, Linköping.

    ELECTROVRUS. Net EP at www.earlabs.org with EAM compositions.
    member of earlabs editorial team.

    Artist in residence at Goethe Institute in Oslo, October.

    2007 Radio sound work THE SEA MY FATHER, 43 minutes,
    in corporation with the Norwegian composer Ola Moen.
    This original radio production will be broadcasted in 5.1 surround and stereo
    version at Deutschlandradio Berlin and Norwegian Broadcasting
    during 2007.

    Wolfgang Peter Menzel is participating in

  • media art show ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – show for Peace
  • Title: “Black Strings”, soundart, 2005

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition IV – Memoryscapes
    edition04.o. m’scape 12

    Edition I
    soundart selection curated by Melody Parker-Carter

  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Tsunami Memorial curated by Agricola de Cologne

    Memorial for the Victims of Terror
    curated by Agricola de Cologne