Wayne Quilliam (Australia)

Wayne Quilliam
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is a Professional Photographer/Photojournalist with experience in all forms of media including Print/Radio/Television and Online formats. Wayne is also a respected artist having several exhibitions in Australia and Overseas.
1988-1991 In 1988 ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, National/Victoria) commissioned Wayne to develop a series of art/media training programs targeting Indigenous and non-indigenous communities. The objective was to enable Indigenous people to gain competencies in many facets of art & media whilst, educating non-indigenous people in Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture/protocols.

· Promote positive relations/understanding between Indigenous/non-indigenous artists and art dealers
· Demystify cultural protocols
· Provide non-Indigenous people with information and skills that enable them to work effectively with Indigenous staff and clients
· Provide participants with skills that enable them to identify issues relevant to Indigenous issues

Wayne embarked on a tour of remote and urban communities throughout Australia including the Torres Strait Islands to test the concept in a working environment. The paper was ratified and is now an integral part of many Indigenous art/media protocols.
1991-1995 National Media Manager (National Indigenous Media Association of Australia)
Indigenous media was rapidly expanding its interests into all forms of communications on a variety of levels in particular Radio and Television. Limited opportunities for Indigenous people in the past posed a problem of filling positions with qualified people. Wayne was brought to create programs that enabled Indigenous people/organizations to participate in accredited courses that were industry recognized. Partnerships between the major media institutions were formed and joint training protocols initialized.

· Mediator between Indigenous/Non Indigenous media organizations
· Research and develop appropriate training protocols
· Create and publish newsletters for National distribution
· Conduct media interviews
· Write press releases
· Government and Industry advisor

Due to the diverse nature of the program, benefits of the program are still being felt even now. Qualified Indigenous people now fill positions in all areas of the media including on air presenting to technical advisors. Relationships between mainstream media groups and Indigenous people have strengthened due to increased understanding and mutual respect. New innovative media groups are being created including fully owned operated Indigenous radio stations, newspapers and Internet based organizations.

1995- 1997 National Publicity and Promotions Manager (Telstra, Indigenous Unit)
An increase in participation by Telstra in Indigenous affairs caused the creation of the special position of Indigenous Publicity and Promotions manager.

· Indigenous representative on the Telstra Indigenous Art Awards board
· Co-coordinator of the Indigenous Business Conference/Awards
· Creator of Indigenous logos for Telstra units
· Co-coordinator special events
· Negotiator between Telstra business units and ATSI communities
· Design and produce monthly magazine style newsletter

1997 – 2000 National Promotions Manager Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)
Conduct research then develop a strategy to promote positive relations between the Indigenous and mainstream business communities.

· Copyright law on Indigenous art and culture
· Co-operative arrangements regarding business protocols
· Instigate discussion on export possibilities for Indigenous groups
· Logistical support of business opportunities
· Developing media material
· Presentations to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous groups
· Design promotional material
· Create media/marketing campaigns
· Publish monthly/quarterly/yearly reports
· Conduct information seminars

Media/Art Information In 1998, Wayne on the invitation of the German Government delivered a series of presentations regarding Indigenous Arts/Media to Museums/Universities/Art Institutions and Media Representatives throughout Germany. During the 4 weeks tour numerous interviews and workshops were conducted regarding the history and progression of Indigenous Art/Media.

Topics discussed include:

· Increased interest in Indigenous art media in Europe
· Traditional art compared to contemporary practices
· Cultural protocols
· Copyright
· Visual perception & art motives
· Interpretation of Indigenous art
· Theory and context of Indigenous art
· Material, Techniques and equipment
· Aesthetic attitudes and appreciation
· Contribution of Indigenous art/media to the World
Additional Information Wayne has conducted numerous seminars relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Arts/Media including

· Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
· National Museum Canberra
· Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery
· National Indigenous Art Alliance Conference
· Ausmusic/Songlines Conferences
· Rotary Conventions
· Australian National University
· Canberra Institute of Technology
· Rosny College

Including numerous private/public art galleries and educational institutions.

Teaching Experience · Park Ridge
· Geilston Bay
· Rosny College
· TAFE’s Sydney/Melbourne/Tasmania/Western Australia
· Universities Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney/South Australia/Tasmania/Deakin

And more than 80 Indigenous communities throughout Australia and the Torres Strait Islands.

Artistic Achievements Winner of

· Photography International Awards
· Online photo Award
· Queensland Art Award
· Logan Art Award
· Shades of Black Artist of the Year
· Koori Mail Photographer of the Year
· World Art Resource featured Artist

Published in · National Tourism book and brochures
· Koori Mail
· Shades of Black
· Photography International
· Business Enterprise
· Institute of Textiles
· Ausmusic/Songlines
· Deadly Vibe
· Telstra Magazine
· Queensland Tourism Guide
· Indigenous art catalogues
· The Age/Herald Sun/Courier Mail/Sun Herald/Canberra Times/
· University Publications
· Education Publications
· Centenary of Federation

A variety of Indigenous & Non-Indigenous magazines and brochures
Exhibitions · Hamburgisches Museum (Germany)
· Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
· Queensland Museum
· Macchiato’s (Canberra)
· Hirikata Museum (Japan)
· Boomali Art Gallery (Sydney)
· Melbourne Fringe Festival
· Adelaide Fringe Festival
· Logan Art Gallery (Brisbane)
· Telstra Art Awards
· Gasworks Art Gallery (Melbourne)

Skills · Photographer
· Journalist
· Artist
· Graphic Designer
· Television/Radio presenter
· Web Designer
· Public Speaker
· Negotiator
· Teacher
· Researcher

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