Vesna Srnic (Croatia)


Vesna Srnić (1958) is professor of Art History and Literature. She teaches at the „New
media genres“ board at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of
Culturology, integrating Media Art works and Online platforme of Social Community
( ).

She has been teaching ‘Media culture’ and ‘Multimedia culture’ at The Croatian Faculty of
Teacher Education in Osijek, department in Slavonski Brod for 8 years.
She postgratuated on video-art at Zagreb (Faculty of Philosophy) and is in a process of
defending her doctoral theses ‘Aesthetics and Electronic media in Post-feminist theory’.
Personal education in Canada enriched her interests in multimedia art. Vesna Srnic has been
an editor of several electronic magazines: , http://planeteurope. (performance and collaboration between Croatian, Scottish and Finnish
schools), and ‘Media-via’ web portals for culture, art, science, media and e-learning
( and ). She participated at several International
conferences of Croatian Academic Research Net (CARNet) and at The XV. International
Scientific conference Society and Technology”.
She prepares students for multimedia performances. They have exhibited multimedia poem
‘The Soul of the World’ at the International 24th Music Biennale in Zagreb. ( )

She presented virtualy her multimedia presentation „New Education model: Multimedia art“ at The International Conference on the Arts in Society (Venice, Italy, 2009) and published
her paper at the American/Australian magazine „The Journal of the Arts in Society“ (Volume
4, Number 1, 2009),