Veronica Pamoukaghlian

Veronica Pamoukaghlian
Verónica Pamoukaghlián is a nonfiction editor at Sutton Hart Press, a novel translator for Amazon Publishing, and an Ibermedia Scholarship recipient. Her work in various genres has appeared in Burning House Press, The Acentos Review, Prism, Naked Punch, The Galway Review, The Southern Pacific Review, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, and elsewhere. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Louisville and a Creative Writing professor at Uruguay’s UTU University. Verónica also produces films at her company NÉKTAR FILMS. In 2019 she was selected for a writing residency at Centre Pompadour in Northern France.

Participant in
TheWake Up! Memorial – Corona!- Shut Down?
title of video UNFRAU, 2020, 0:50
What happens to our bodies in isolation?
This poem and video were created as part of an exquisite corpse experience as a follow-up to a Maysles Documentary Center (New York) seminar led by filmmaker Lynne Sachs and poet Paolo Javier.
Montevideo, June 2020

Text of poem:

My body is gone
Mirrors empty
I am not here
I want to fly
away from this carcass

The other
who shaped my borders
into existence
my shelleyesque creator
is fallen
into an invisible hole
and dragging me along

unbodied void