Urszula Kluz-Knopek (Poland)

Urszula Kluz-Knopek (adija)

I’m 6 years old today, but usually about 70.
a computer engineer still learning photography: education- none, a little bit of experience, but the whole jar of hair and nails. I’m looking for tickles in my head and an efficient whole filler in my heart. I would like to be called Karamazov-Squid, and have a tail (to feel pins and needles at the yellow color). I think that art, if it existed, could fuck everybody by means of every whole. But thanks to its “non-existence” as an abstraction, it can remain innocent. I like coming back, but I like leaving even more. I like the taste of sound, color and the tentacles of the divine jellyfish creating the world. That’s about me. Adija