Un Mundo Feliz (Spain)

Un Mundo Feliz

Gabriel Martinez, Fernando Palmeiro, Galfano Carboni, Ignazio Buenhombre,
Javier Garcia Plaza

UMF/AHWP is an independent project that develops non-prof itmaking ideas and projects. It seeks out, addresses and trasmits information about social topics. It is a project about the world and for the world.
Boundaries. Zaragoza/ BarceIona.
About Violence. América’s House. Madrid.
No more war/No more design for war. Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid. Women’s images. University of León. Human Rights. Sala Eloy Gonzalo. Caja Madrid. Dept. of Art and Visual Communication Eusebio Sempere. Alicante. “To make a flag”. Universitat de Lleida.
“Soundtrack”. Movimiento-Inercia. a.s.b.l. Les Brasseurs.
Liége.Bélgica. and many other participatins

Un Mundo Feliz participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Corrida – netart from Spain