Tricky D (Croatia)

Tricky D
full name: Dean Bagar

Dean Bagar aka Tricky D has been born and raised in Pula/Croatia.
In early 80-ties member of several Punk bands. In mid 80ties got involved in several Art disciplines like Mail Art.
In late 80ties moves to London/England where he was part of Art project “Slam Light”
In 1991 moves to Berlin/Germany where he became Breakbeat Dj and producer
Very soon became members of the first German live Jungle band Elektronauten.
The following years were filled with touring, djing, studio work and releasing music under different names together with General Elektrick and friends.
In 2001 he opened the Tricky Tunes Record Store @ Mainzer Str 8, 10247 Berlin specializing in Jungle, D ‘n B, Reggae and cutting-edge Breakbeats.
In 2002, he spent some time in Jamaica, did recording sessions with local vocalists, and decided to start his own record label: Tricky Tunes.
Tricky D performed in most European countries as: Germany, France, Italy, England, Holland, Poland, Czheck Rep, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Letlland, Estland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, as outside Europe in: Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia and Morocco.
Bassplayer and Co Producer of “Dark Light”, Dubstep Project, together with Dj Supa Dmitry (Dee-Lite) and Aldubb (One Drop Rec)

GENERAL ELEKTRICK & TRICKY DICKY “Autoreverse” [Compilation – Autoreverse] ELEKTRONAUTEN “Spielkreis” [Compilation- Berlin-Tokyo] ELEKTRONAUTEN “Collective induced fiction“ [Album-Incoming] FAB FACTORY “Chikas boom” [12″ vinyl – Fab Factory Rec.] FAB FACTORY “City lights ” [Album – Pottheadz] FAB FACTORY “Feel the sunshine” [12″ vinyl – Pottheadz] GENERAL ELEKTRICK & TRICKY D “8 is a winner” [Compilation – It’s a Berlin thing Vol.2 – Dangerus Drums Rec.] TRICKY D. & MEZ “Fool” [Compilation – It’s a Berlin thing Vol.3 – Dangerous Drums Rec.] TRICKY TUNES 01 “Fire Fire cuts” [12″ vinyl – Tricky Tunes Rec.] TRICKY TUNES 02 “Tricky Music” [12″ vinyl – Tricky Tunes Rec.] TRICKY TUNES 03 “Black Comunity” [12″ vinyl – Tricky Tunes Rec.] TRICKY TUNES 04 “Latino America” [12″ vinyl – Tricky Tunes Rec.] TRICKY TUNES & GENETIC DRUGS feat. ÖIKYOTAAN&KARTICK DAS BAUL “Din Duniyaar Maalik (on Album ”Genetic Drugs-Contagious”-Azra Rec)
TRICKY TUNES 05 “Badman” [12″ vinyl – Tricky Tunes Rec.] WKDRDM03 “Beat the System” ft. Soultrain – Jungle s Dubstep Remixes [12″ vinyl – Wikkid Riddim]