Thanos Chrysakis (UK)

Thanos Chrysakis

is a London based musician/composer. Even though his main interests are music & sound, writing poetry and image making (film, video) are also -on equally footing- practiced by him. His musical work consists of microacousmatic compositions, instrumental music, and generative sound installations. Some of his music has been broadcast in England [on the Resonance FM], Austria [on the ORF art radio-station], Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, France, Spain and USA. He has appeared on compilations for independent labels while his work “Transparent Geometries & Close-Ups” has been released on the Stasisfield record label. His video «Nocturnal Dance» will be released from Microcinema International while his work «The Water’s Daemon» was screened at the Portobello Film Festival this August.

Thanos Chrysakis participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition I
  • Soundart from USA
    curated by John Kannenberg