TERROR (Chile)

Francisco Schultz, Rodrigo Dueñas

TERROR is a collective of creative action formed in 2000 by the photographer Francisco Schultz and the Graphic Designer Rodrigo Dueñas.

For some years they devoted only to graphic work, then including audiovisual work as well. They performed a series of works that cross the video clip with the documentary, all of them compiled in the DVD for the musical label “In Your Face”. This work includes videos for CTR, Dj Conduction, Cabieses Gore, Coco Cabargas and Miopec among others.

Later they develop the visual scenery for the Chilean tour of the french band Holden, beginning this way a closer path to art.

TERROR published online productions as “The Golden Shower”, and “Download Error”, independent productions that explore the reuse of audiovisual material, both from their own authoring and third authoring, doing rhythm exercises in the assembly. A work of superficial appearance, for many times form exceeds the content, but as experimentation does become a narrative form in the end.

This experiment resulted in more commercial work that falls within the videoclip structure of bands like Colectivo Etéreo (“Avanzando”), Dadalú (“Flor” y “Gracias”) y Gen (“Perros Viejos Nuevos Collares”).
TERROR has participated with his videos and installations in collective exhibitions such as This Is Not Design (Universidad Andres Bello, 2007), La Nueva Galería Gráfica Chilena of LNGCH (Matucana 100, 2008) y Topsy (Sala SAM, Santiago de Chile y Grecia)

In 2006 the creative duo TERROR directs the nanofilm “Vale Otro”, getting the 4th place in the Festival Of Santiago Nanofilms.

The year 2009 they create the online audiovisual platform www.activaclavecerebro.org, where they work together to meet other Chilean filmmakers through a broad and diverse curatorship by the same group