Tanja Koljonen & Joe Candido (Finland)

Tanja Koljonen & Joe Candido
participates in
VideoChannel – One Minute Film Collection
VAD – Video Art Database

Tanja Koljonen
Lives, studies and works in Helsinki Finland
Tanja Koljonen is a visual artist with the background of classical fine arts and general studies in visual culture. In 2003 she graduated from the MAA Fine Arts Institute in Suomelinna Helsinki. In years 2004-05 she did her first major international exploration and community building experience in Australia. Since 2006 she has been studying Photography as a major in the Univeristy of Art and Design Helsinki. Koljonen is interested in using various mediums to explore humankind and humanity, in contact with the environment and culture.

Joe Candido
is an electronic music composer.
He was born in Buenos Aires and began his career as a guitarist and producer at the end of the 80s.
During the 90s he have been working in various genres from jazz to ethnic music and he have released albums for EMI, BMG and others labels.
He has studied electronic music and composition in Rome with Alessandro Cipriani, Valerio Murat, Antonio Poce and in Helsinki at Sibelius Akatemia with Andrew Bentley. Also he attended workshops with Vinao, Ceccarelli, Lupone and Nottoli.
He moved to Helsinki in 2006 where he actually lives and work.