Tania Fraga (Brazil)

Tania Fraga

is a Brazilian architect and artist. She has a Ph.D. from the Communication and Semiotics program at the Catholic University of São Paulo. She developed during 1999 a Post Doctoral research at CAiiA-STAR, UK with a research grant from CAPES, the Brazilian Coordination for the improvement of Higher Education Personnel; is Adjunct Professor of the Visual Arts Department at the University of Brasília, Brazil and Associated Researcher at the Polytechnic School of Engineering at the University of São Paulo. She was Visiting Scholar at the Computer Science Department at The George Washington University, Washington DC, 1991/1992 and Artist-in-Residence at The Bemis Foundation, USA, 1986, with a grant from the Fulbrigth Commission.
Tania’s work has been shown internationally in several exhibitions includind Paris-Cite (FRANCE), Sorbonne (France), FISEA’93 (USA), LEA-Leonardo Electronic Almanac,Mitpress, 95 (USA), ARTE do SECULO XXI,95 (BRAZIL), Mediações-ARTE@TECNOLOGIA,97(BRAZIL), VITAE FOUNDATION,97 (ARGENTINE), CAiiA98 (UK), VRML.ART-VRML99 (GERMAN), EMAF99 (GERMAN), CYPRÉS-Marseille/Avignon (FRANCE), WOW’99 (UK), SEAFair’99 (MACEDONIA), Ouro Preto Art Festival 99 (BRAZIL), OTHERBODIES-OUTROSCORPOS’99 (BRAZIL) SIBIGRAPI’99 (BRAZIL); Mercosul Biennale 99 (Brazil), UCLA 2000 (USA), TEMPLE 2000 (USA), CAiiA 2000 (UK), ANPAP 2000 (Brazil), SIBIGRAPI 2000 (BRAZIL) and it is in the collection of the Bemis Foundation, the Brasília Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of the University of Hong Kong. She has been working with computer art since 1987. Her current field of research is the creation of interactive poetics based on 3D modelling, animation and VRML environments which may be seen at the following electronic addresses:

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