Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia)

Tan Chui Mui

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  • VideoChannel – Videos from Malaysia curated by Roopesh Sitharan
  • She is born in 1978, and actively involved in Malaysian Independent Filmmaking movement. Short films directed including THERE IS TREASURES EVERYWHERE (1999/2001), LIVING ELSEWHERE (2002), HOMETOWN (2003), ESPERANDO POR FELICIDAD (2003). She is also editor for Ng Tien Hann’s FIRST TAKE, FINAL CUT and Ho Yuhang’s SANCTUARY. In 2003, She produced WIND CHIMES and co-produce BREADSKIN WITH STRAWBERRY JAM.HOMETOWN was screened in 7th Thai Short Film Festival, 48th Cork International Film Festival, and CommonwealthFilm Festival 2004.