Tammy Mike Laufer (Israel)

Tammy Mike Laufer

She is an international contemporary digital media artist.
She is graduate from the “Technion” Israeli Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. In recent years her career has been developing mainly in New York Where she presents solo exhibitions.
She has been engaged with digital media for two decades.
Tammy Mike Laufer’s digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale), Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.
TAMMY MIKE LAUFER – Artist Book, 20 YEARS OF DIGITAL CREATION – a journey over two decades between her works – The book is an interactive book.
44 DEGREES art magazine was established in 2013 by Tammy Mike Laufer, an artist and a visionary. Ms. Mike Laufer is the editor, designer, art director, curator, producer.

participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
VAD – Video Art Database
SFC – Shoah Film Collection

Corona! Shut Down?
STOP COVID19, 2020, 1:00
The corona kills all over the world. A global disaster. Like someone decided to play with humanity like a computer game. Everyone fights the virus but not everyone manages to survive. There are those for whom the game is over – So sad.