TACTICAL20 (Gregory Scranton)

Gregory Scranton is a new media artist working in the areas of video, digital print, sound,
and tactical media.
His work seeks to examine the relationships between identity and perception and how daily sense data is consumed visually, aurally, tactilely, etc. Scranton’s most recent works employ mobile projections, wireless technologies, and interactive installations.
Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium
Foxy Production, New York, NY
International Computer Music Conference, Miami, FL
Katherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland
Images Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
VideoFormes, L’Espace Culture Multimédia, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, Minneapolis, MN
short statement
found sounds processed using a custom “lincoln log-esque” MAX/MSP patch which changes frequently. primarily live processing with little to no post work. the emphasis is on live effects rather than finely crafted composition.

TACTICAL20 participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition I
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter