Svitlana Oleshko (Ukraine)


participant in
Vad – Video Art Database
VideoChannel – Ukrainian Video Art
curated by Yarina Butkovska (Lviv/Ukraine)

Date of birth: 06/05/1973
Place of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Director and Producer of theater-studio “Arabesque”

2005 – 2006 international documentary film workshops Dragon Forum (Master: Marcel Łoziński)
1996-1999 post-graduated school Kharkiv National University
1990-1995 Kharkiv National University

Performances (Producer, Director, Scriptwriter):
2007, “RADIO: EIGHT STORIES ABOUT JURA SOYFER”(by the play based on texts by Austrian Jura Soyfer rewrited by Serhiy Zhadan)
2006, “CHERNOBYL™” Ukrainian-Polish-Belorussian theatre document
2003, Kharkiv, “Bad period” (by J. D. Selinger)
2002, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv, “Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ!” (by S.Zhadan)
2001, Kharkiv, “Small play about treachery for one actress” (by O. Irvanets)
1999, Kharkiv, “Favorite poems” (by I. Malkovitch)
1997, Kharkiv, “Enejida” (by I. Kotlyarevskyj)
1996, New York, “Arabesques” (theatrical research of Ukrainian history of the 20 century)
1995, Kharkiv, “Kharkiv tales” (by G. Skovoroda)
1994, Kyiv, “You won’t find better sun anywhere”(by V. Symonenko)
1993, Kharkiv, “The path to the Commune Beyond the Mountains”(by M. Khvylyovyj)

Projects (Producer):
2006, Presentation of “Letters to Ukraine” project in Lviv (literature readings, jazz concert).
2006, International Literature and Music Festival “ZEX” (Kharkiv).
2006, “Dead Rooster Songs” (CD release, organization of club concerts in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk)
2005, Organization of exhibition tour for “Orange Alternative” (Poland): photo-exhibition, lectures, film demonstrations, performances (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv)
2004, July – “Theater Therapy as a Method for Social Rehabilitation” (together with ‘N-Studio’ NGO, Stokholm)
2003, December – international Ukrainian-Polish project “Bad period” (that includes creation of the play, photo exhibition, CD album, series of workshops in art management)
2003, April-November – “Zones of Betrayal”. Art: Social Projections (that included demonstration of theatre-studio “Arabesques” performances in 5 penal institutions of Kharkiv city. Political, sociology, psychology scientists, legal experts and journalists attended the performances. On the base of the project the series of round tables were held, photo exhibition “Illusions” and documentary film“Zones of Betrayal” were created)
2002, January – joint musical-theatrical project of creators from East, Center and West of Ukraine “Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ!”
2001, April – International art Festival of post modern art “Poetry №1”
2001, March – Literature club-bookstore “Shafa” opening
2000, April-May – Ukrainian tour of the “Arabesques” theater-studio (26 cities and towns)
2000, March – Tour of the ”Arabesques” theater-studio in USA (12 cities)
1998, May – International Festival of postmodern art “Apocalypse begins here” (Kharkiv)
1997, October-November – European tour of “Arabesque” theater-studio (Poland, Czech republic, Germany, France, Austria, England)
1996, March, tour of creative youth of Ukraine in Canada and USA (12 cities)

Video (Producer, Director, Scriptwriter):
2006 – video film “Stas Perfesky is returning to Ukraine” (short film)
2006 – video film “Theatre in prison” (short film)
2004 – cartoon series “Rukavychka” (flash)
2004 – video installation for the “Bad period” exhibition
2003 – 5 slide-show shorts (each 2 min long) for the “Bad period” performance
2003 – video installation for the “Illusions” exhibition (curator O. Ostrovska)
2003 – video film “Z/Z: “Zones of Betrayal”
2002 – video film “The prevention of trafficking in people in Ukraine”