Susanne Berkenheger (Germany)

netart by Susanne Berkenheger (Germany)

Susanne Berkenheger

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Susanne Berkenheger (Berlin) is a netartist and a satirist, who writes for SPAM, the satirical online-section of the German magazine Der Spiegel. She was awarded international prizes for her hyperfictions Zeit für die Bombe (1997), Hilfe! (1999), Die Schwimmmeisterin (2002) and the english relaunch The Bubble Bath (2005). She has been involved in projects in Second Life and Chat Theatre. Her works have been exhibited in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Rio, São Paolo, Amsterdam, Munich, Stuttgart and other places. Hilfe! was published on CD-Rom (update verlag). Since 2007 you can get Zeit für die Bombe also as an artist book (Designer Agnes Wartner). Recently she founded the (2007) which was awarded the CYNETart prize 2008. Her latest work was the Berlin Ambush Votings which she did during a virtual residency at the New York gallery Location One. More on