Špela Pavli (Slovenia)

Špela Pavli

Špela Pavli (Slovenia,Trbovlje, 1982)
I graduated at the University of Education in Maribor, department of Fine Art. In 2005 I participated in a study exchange in the Czech Republic (Art Centre, Olomouc). In 2008 I enrolled in master degree in Theory and philosophy of visual culture at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper; now I work PhD on Contemporary art, my mentor is prof. Aleš Erjavec. In 2008 I was volunteering at a non-profit organization EDIRISA (www.edirisa.org) in Kabale, South West Uganda. I work with traditional media and new artistic techniques, through writing and thinking, I explore issues of contemporary art and philosophy. I combine practice work with theory. In spring I start to attend Course for Curators (SCCA -Ljubljana) and Course for Critic of contemporary photography (Revija Fotografija). I currently work as associate program in the Department of culture, Labor Home Trbovlje (http://www.dd-trbovlje.si/).