Sol Rezza (MX)

Sol Irene Rezza

Sol Irene Rezza
Independent radio producer, sound artist specializing in “Radio Art” genre, sound designer, Media traineer.
Producer and media traineer focused on Community Radio profile.
Graduated from ETER, major on Radio Production and Creativity.
Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, major on Social Communication.
Founder and Co-director of portal, portal of content and services for community radio stations.
General Campaigns producer at La Voladora 97.3 FM, Community Radio.
Responsible of project management at La Voladora 97.3 FM Radio and Production team member.
General producer and host of “El silencio NO existe”, radio program dedicated to radio art and experimental radio.
Independent producer of radio spots and campaigns for different social foundations from Latin America.
Director and producer of “Estudio Rodante”, a roving radio that made a trip through Latin America. (2004-2008)
Collaborates with publications in various journals dedicated to communication and sound art / radio art / experimental radio.