Sinasi Günes (Turkey)

sinasi gunes
Şinasi Günes

GüneÅŸ was born in 1968 and lives & works in Istanbul. Having completed his Master at Marmara University, Fine Art Faculty, Department of Painting in 1992, he works across different disciplines such as installation, painting, video art, mail art, street art, sculpture and photography. He exhibits his works internationally, nationally, and in regional museums and galleries. He also curated the Audio-Video Art Festival “Obsession” in 2005 and “Visitors” International Video Art Activity in 2010.
He has published a variety of books such as “Cruises”, “New York and Cheving gum” ,“Street Art” ,“Mail Art”..

Participant in
Corona! Shut Down? 2020

Title: Sound In Water, 2020, 1:49
In this video; unlimited changes occur on the water. Colors embrace each other, mingle and dance. Thus, a pleasant and aesthetic world is formed. With every explosion with water, this new world design renews itself. Every explosion is an existence and extinction.

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