Silvia de Gennaro (Italy)

Silvia De Gennaro
lives and works in Rome, Italy.
Since 1999 she is a founding member of “Assaus” together with the architect Alessio Scarale.
For twenty years she has been dealing with digital art, video art and animation.
Her works have participated in several video art exhibitions and film festivals around the world, such as:
Bnl Media Art Festival, IT; Video Formes , FR; Current New Media, U.S.A.; F.I.L.E. , BRA; Visionaria, IT; Madatac, ES; Invideo, IT; Magmart, IT; Athens Video Art Festival, GR; Brooklyn Film Festival, U.S.A.; ECU, FR; Interfilm Berlino, D; Nastri d’Argento, IT.
Currently her work is divided between the realization of social and political themed video and a project about the city and the perception of the traveler, entitled “Travel Notebooks”.

Participant in
CologneOFF VII – International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF VIII – International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF IX – International Videoart Festival
CologneOFF 2015 – International Videoart Festival
The Refugee Film Collection
The Wake Up Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
The Days of Rage, 2011, 3:00
About the recent civil unrest in northern Africa and internet-driven uprisings against regimes in general. Animation mixed with footage from Al Jazeera