Shon Kim (South Korea)

Shon Kim
South Korean artist

participant in
Vad – Video Art Database
SFC – Shoah Film Collection

Shon Kim has been exploring experimental filmmaking based on animation aesthetics with continuous interest in creating new concept of frame, unusual progress of frames, locomotion and an optical illusion caused by frame works. A series of works ‘Moving Painting’ are being executed with an issue for uniting animation with fine art and now he tries his new subjects on current works to conceive inartificial frames, connect logical units illogically and introduce dynamic locomotion into inbetweening process, etc. In terms of fine art, his experimental drawing series ‘untamed Line’ has been executed for several years to create new patterns & volume by unfamiliar tools, and painting series ‘untamed Paint’ is also keeping pace with his line experiment. Main conceptual issues of his current works are founded on the essence of things, inequality between things and illogical connection of logical things.

His works have been internationally presented at the museums and the galleries, MoMA(2006), REDCAT(2006), The Hammer Museum(2007), Modern and Contemporary Art Centre in Hungary(2008), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Chile(2007), IFC Center in NYC(2007), and screened at film festivals & media art festivals around the world, VIDEOFORMES(2009), FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU FILM SUR L’ART(2007), Slamdance Film Festival(2007), International Film Festival ART FILM(2006), ANIMA MUNDI(2006/2009), Odense Film Festival(2006), Avanto Festival(2005), etc. He was awarded at flEXiff(2009, Special flEXiff Award), Asolo Art Film Festival(2009, The Best Video Art & Computer Art Film), New Jersey International Film Festival(2006, Best Experimental Film & Video), San Diego Asian Film Festival(2006, Best Experimental Film), World-wide HIV/AIDS Art Competition(2005, 1st prize), Experimental Film & Video Festival In Seoul(2005, Fuji Film Eterna Award), Internationales filmfest Braunschweig(2006, the Leo Award, Special Mention), etc.

Born in Seoul, S.Korea, Shon Kim studied fine art at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, focusing on Painting & Drawing. He moved to Los Angeles to explore experimental film & multi-media based on animation aesthetics at CalArts, and received an MFA degree of Experimental Animation from CalArts in 2004.

Shon Kim currently lives and works in Los Angeles.