Shoko Toda (Japan)

Shoko Toda
Participant in

  • CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
  • VAD – Video Art Database
  • VIP – VideoChannel Interview
  • Live and work in Beijing and Tokyo. Born in Tokyo, Japan(1981). Graduated from Tokyo National university of Fine arts and Music(2004, BFA). Graduated from Tokyo National university of Fine arts and Music (2006, MFA). Moved to Beijing, China as a scholarship student of Chinese Government(2007). Since about 2003, I exhibited and managed some group shows and art projects for the creation of organic local network (Tokyo/Japan, Sarajevo/BiH, Berlin/Germany, Soul/Korea etc). I make my artworks on the main theme of the sympathy and the sense of incompatible occurred on the border between cultures. There are big gaps between borders. With broking self-evident knowledge, people get opportunity to create new thought and perception individually. I think it be can said that this move is Re-creation of Identity that mankind has continued doing. My works is to describe the mental movement of when we touch unknown energy of culture. I mainly make movies and installations as my artworks.