Shay Kun (Israel)

Shay Kun

1974: Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel


1995-1998: Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Bezalel Academy of Art and

Jerusalem, Israel.

1999-2000: Master of Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in London, England.


1992: Gesher Gallery in Tel-Aviv Israel.

1999: Solo exhibition at “EFRAT” Gallery called “Desktop-the reunion” in


1994: Exhibits at the “Riva” Gallery in Paris (France)
2000: Joint exhibition called ” BRAINSTORM” at the curators’ space in Goldsmiths College-London
2000: Joint exhibition called “OUTHOUSE” at “The Rich & Famous Gallery” in London-England
2000: M. A degree show at Goldsmiths college in London -England
2000: Joint exhibition between the R.C.A and Goldsmiths College called
“ASSEMBLY” at ‘Stepney city’ in London-England.
2001: Joint exhibition called “Glamour Hammer” at the “Boxing Ring” in London-England
2001: Joint exhibition called “CREAM” at the “Rosenfeld” Gallery in Tel-Aviv- Israel.
2001: Joint exhibition called “Plastic Sheet” at the ‘Project Space’ in Tel-Aviv-Israel.
2001: Joint exhibition called “April fool’s day” in San-Paulo, Brazil.
2001: joint exhibition called “EGOTRIPPING” at the ‘ Anthony Wilkinson Gallery ‘in London-England.
2001:Joint exhibition called ” HI FALUTIN’, HI KICKIN’ ” at the “VTO” Gallery in London-England
2001: Joint event called “BLOWING UP” at the ‘Foundery’ in london-England
2002: Joint exhibition called “ARTISTS RESPONED” at the Somerville Museum Of Art in Boston.
2002: Joint exhibition “Pot” at the Liverpool Biennale in England.

Shay Kun participates in

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Agricola de Cologne