Shane Wilson aka Deciduous (Canada)

Shane Wilson aka Deciduous

deciduous is shane wilson from vancouver, bc, canada. he has always been surrounded by artists and musicians; from a young age he observed his father in the music studio, and began to learn the process of creation. shane has years of experience playing guitar around campfire
gatherings on the beaches of vancouver, entertaining strangers and friends alike. he began experimenting with electronic music years ago when he began using logic audio for recording his own instrumentation.
Inspired by the world-music of his father, and the new emerging forms of electronic music in his own generation, he began a process of discovery and creation. shortly thereafter he discovered ableton live and found that there was much potential for him to use this software
as a platform for his musical output. Now, after sucessfully becoming a studio sound-engineer on several released albums, he has begun releasing a series of 4 track albums for free on his net label Duckbay with fellow musician and friend Segue.

Shane Wilson aka Deciduous participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • edition04.h. m’scape 07