Shahar Marcus (Israel)

Shahar Marcus
Short bio: b. 1971, Israel
Lives and works in Tel Aviv
Shahar Marcus is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, performance and sculpture.
Marcus works often with organic, perishable materials, such as dough, bread, orange juice and ice, in relation to his own body. His relationship to his materials examine the position and role of his body as both human and creator, and his choice of perishables likewise highlights the nature of art and life.

Participant in
VideoChannel – [self]~imaging 2010 artists portraying themselves in film & video NewMediaFest’2010
CologneOFF VI- International Video Art Festival 2010
CologneOFF VII- International Video Art Festival 2011
CologneOFF VIII- International Video Art Festival 2012
CologneOFF IX- International Video Art Festival 2013
CologneOFF VI- International Video Art Festival 2014
The Wake Up Memorial 2015
The W:OW Project 2016
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
video title: Johanna and me_english reading, 2020, 9:58
Joanna and me by Shahar Marcus and Hagit Grossman, is a story about a woman who is locked in her home during the Corona epidemic. A woman who loses her mind and dreams all day long about an imaginary lover, who is flesh and blood. She lost her head. The epidemic helps her get back to herself and to be released from the outside world. But still her thoughts are uncontrollable. The video shows Joanna’s imaginary lover and makes us wonder about the lover’s place in our lives. And finally awakens love and the desire to love.

The Wake Up! Memorial – Gandhi – PPNRCD
Shahar Marcus (Israel – Seeds, 2012, 5:08
The video work “seeds” deals with mines that are still buried in the ground after the war was over. From a beautiful top-shot the camera follows three professional mine-removers. They move slowly in meditative movement in a no men’s land desert. They look for mines, find some and remove them. This act leaves a visible trail which the artist, dressed as a pioneer, follows, while sowing seeds, from a small bag (refers to Millet famous painting) on the same track the mines were removed from. The sowing as a healing gesture suggests a new hope to come.