Sergej Jakovlev (Russia/Sweden)

Sergej Jakovlev

painter, member of IFA
1958 Born in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine; 1981-1986 Studied at Krivoy Rog Pedagogical University, speciality of Fine Art; 1987-1993 Studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Art under Boris Ugarov’s and Viktor Reihet’s guidance; 1995 Membership of St. Petersburg Branch of Professional Creative Artist’s Union of International Federation of Artists Main exhibitions 1989 “Postsymbolism” The Majakovsky Library, St. Petersburg; 1990 “100 Years of Russian Symbolism “House of Friendship with Foreign Countries, St.Petersburg; 1990 “Modern Art of Leningrad” Palitra Art Gallery,St.Petersburg; 1991 “Gifts of TV-Marathon “Vosrozdenie” to the collection St. Petersburg Museum of Modern Art”; 1992 “The Russian Symbolism” Umerov Russian Art Gallery, Minneapolis, USA; 1992 Exhibition Na Solianke Gallery, Moscow; 1993″Postsymbolism” Exhibition Hall Hotel Ritm, St. Petersburg; 1994 “Postsymbolism” Forum Art Gallery, St.Petersburg; 1997 “The Biblical Symbols” Forum Art Gallery, St. Petersburg; 2001 “Adding Beauty to the World”Gallery Galax – The Art Factory, Gothenburg, Sweden; 2001 Hotel Eggers, Gothenburg, Sweden; 2002 Russian Consulate in Gothenburg Title of works 1.Scenery 2, 90/100 (2000) 2.Women in the Black Space, 135/90 (2001) 3.Golgotha, 66/195 (2000) Confirmation/Authorization: I hold all rights on the submitted work(s) and agree that my submission in case my work is selected can be included also in future versions of Violence Online Festival . signed…Sergej nameSergej Jakovlev email address

Sergej Jakovlev participates in

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Agricola de Cologne