Sandra Crisp (UK)

Sandra Crisp

has been based in London for about ten years, since arriving to study MA fine art printmaking at Wimbledon school of Art in 1993.
Since graduating, the Artist has progressed from the specialised area of traditional printmaking (lithography)- to new media techniques such as digital collages & online moving image web projects.
Fascinated by research into new ways of exploring time & space using contemporary digital media such as moving image, the artist creates sequences of still images stretched over time to create narratives that reflect subjective views of contemporary themes. ‘Search and Find’ interactive flash movie (featured on on the artist’s web site is an example of this.
Recent digital collage works (‘archive’ series 2004) combine everyday digital camera shots of the urban environment with hybridised computer manipulated imagery in an imagined digitally networked or virtual space
In a recent group show of international artists at Aldwych Underground Station (‘Minus One’, January 2004) large scale, complex digital imagery shown as part of a free- standing light box installation were placed in the exhibition space. Therefore, challenging conventional wall mounted presentation methods providing a more interactive experience to engage the viewer
As a result of several prizes awarded at the National print Exhibition 2003, the Mall, London SW1- the artist realised a successful one-person exhibition in the same year at Printspace Gallery, London SE1 entitled ‘Digital sequence’.

In 2001, Sandra Crisp set up her own artist web site with objective and interest to communicate with artists groups and networks beyond the UK art scene. As a result of communication and feedback in response to new projects on the site – digital

Sandra Crisp participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Extasy – the final show