Samuel Pellman (USA)

Samuel Pellman (composer)
and Lauren Koss (video artist)

Samuel Pellman was a student of David Cope at Miami University and of Karel Husa and Robert Palmer at Cornell. Many of his works may be heard on recordings by the Musical Heritage Society, Move Records, and innova Records, and much of his music is published by the Continental Music Press and Wesleyan Music Press. Recently his music has been presented at the International Symposium of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology in Melbourne, Australia and at the Musicacoustica 2005 festival in Beijing. He is also the author of An Introduction to the Creation of Electroacoustic Music, a widely adopted textbook published by Wadsworth, Inc. Presently he is a Professor of Music at Hamilton College, in Clinton, New York, where he teaches theory and composition and is director of the Studio for Digital Music.

Lauren Koss works in Utica, New York and is a graduate of Hamilton College, where she studied video production with Ella Gant and film theory with Scott McDonald and Patricia O’Neill. Much of her creative work has dealt with visualizing musical compositions, including works by the composers Andrew Babcock and Katherine Meyers. More recently she has visualized the Selected Planets series of electroacoustic compositions by Samuel Pellman.

Samuel Pellman/Lauren Koss is participating in

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Title: Vaporis Congeries Magnae, video, 2004, 1′ 38″