saibot & ssiess (Canada)

saibot & ssiesssaibot aka tobias c. van Veen

cooks with the Net, splices with decks as an experimental electronic DJ, partakes in long walks with microphones, and writes words in critical contexts on the politics of sound.
ssiess (“sI”-“es”)…. the sound that you hear when you sit next to an emptyplayground… just outside of the wooden barrier, which separates the finely groomed lawn from the gravel… gravel that makes that very distinctive crunching sound, punctuating childhood… the wind blowing across your cold nose… the cold chains of the swings clanking… memories of imaginings seeming to come true… the stick that was the magic wand and the sword and the flag… an unceasing well of limitless creativity… the sound of remembering… the sound of possibilities… the sound of listening to sound…

saibot & ssiess participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Highway – netart from Canada