Ryan Griffis (USA)

Ryan Griffis

> MFA, East Carolina University 1999
> BFA, University of North Florida, 1996
> University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (August 2005-)
Assistant Professor, School of Art & Design
New Media
> Southwest Missouri State University (August 2002-2004)
Instructor (Tenure-Track), Dept. of Media, Film, & Journalism
WWW/Multimedia/Interactive Design
> Portland State University (January – May 2002)
Adjunct Instructor, Gallery Operations/Art Appreciation
> School of Art, East Carolina University (Spring-Summer 2000)
Adjunct Instructor, Intro through Advanced Painting Studios, Design 2
> North Carolina Wesleyan College (Spring 2000)
Adjunct Instructor, Computer Graphics
> School of Art, East Carolina University (Spring 1998-Fall 1999)
Instructor of Record, Design 1, Drawing 1, Painting Studios 1 & 2
> Points of Departure: Inner and Outer Journeys in Contemporary Art, Fox Art Gallery,
University of Pennsylvania.
> Posters for Re-making the World, YNKB (Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau), Copenhagen,
December, organized by Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune
> Visualizing TRANS, Kupfer Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Part of the 2006 Visual
Culture Conference, UW-Madison
> Mapquest, PS122, New York, NY. Group exhibition curated by Elena Sorokina
> Parking Public performance exhibited at Conflux06, McCaig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,
organized by Glowlab and iKatun
> Ecopoetics, The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, Ithaca College. Curated by
Timothy Murray, Tom Shevory & Patricia R. Zimmerman
> Servicing the Landscape, Seesaw, Jacksonville, FL
> Mind in Matter, OpenSource, Champaign, IL
> El Centro Chamber of Commerce Ensemble, Gallery 727, Los Angeles
> Detourism Center, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams. Curated by Nato Thompson
> Star Left, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Curated by Cara Baldwin
> Spaces of Uncertainty, net.art exhibition for 66 East: Center for Urban Culture,
Amsterdam. Curated by Lauren Halsey Brown http://www.66east.org/index2.html
> Proposal for a Temporary Monument to Public Space in So. California, component in the
Futurefarmers Great Park contribution to the 2004 California Biennial
> Mapping II, group exhibition, Mess Hall, Chicago, Illinois
> Dissension Convention, Live multimedia projection Furtherfield.org/Postmasters Gallery
NYC, September 2
> Memefest 2004, “Beyond” Category (Award of Excellence), juried online exhibition.
Jurors: Howard Rheingold, Tom Licas, Douglas Rushkoff, Paul Dechene, Oliver Vodeb.
> Temporary Travel Office: Tour of the Chicago Technology Park, performance for Version4,
April 27-28, Chicago
> ICECA Thailand New Media Festival, group exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand
> Memefest 2003, Beyond Category, juried online exhibition. Jurors: Brian Holmes, Douglas
Rushkoff, Miro Kline, Aleq Verbic, Rasto Mocnik, Paul Dechene, Tom Licas, Oliver Vodeb
> Anti-War Poster show, Artists’ Space, NY curated by Drink Ink
> Shock & Awe, collaborative audio performance, ReDesign, Springfield, MO
> YouConnect, collaborative installation, Art & Design Gallery, SMSU
> Postcards from the Edge, group exhibition, Visual Aids, NYC
> Sexy or Sexism, televised performance/interview for KATU News, Portland, OR
> Reactions, group exhibition, Exit Art, NYC
> 100 Universes: an Accordion Book of Prints from Around the World, October 2001,
Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR
> PhenomANON: 2 decades of ephemeral urban guerrilla artfare, Indy Media Center,
Seattle, WA
> Weed nc 2000, solo exhibition, Mims Gallery, NC Wesleyan College.
> Origins Redux, group exhibition, Gallery 25, Fresno, CA.
> honey/bear, two-person exhibition, Kinston Community Center for the Arts, NC.
> Acorns, Animals, Architecture, Art, group exhibition, Student Union, ECU, NC.
> Natures, Histories, Tourisms, two-person exhibition, Cruz Gallery, Tarboro, NC
> The New Show, group exhibition, Gray Gallery, East Carolina University
> Contradictions and Capital, solo show, Art & Frame Gallery, Manteo, NC
> Install+, solo exhibition, Cruz Gallery, Tarboro, NC
> Cultural Studies in Belize Exhibition of Work by ECU Students, Wellcome Senior Gallery,
East Carolina University
> 41st Annual Outdoor Art Show, Rocky Mount Arts Center, NC. Juror: Wayne Trapp
> Co-moderator (with Marcus Bastos) of discussions with authors for volume 15, No. 1 of the
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, January, 2007. http://leoalmanac.org/index.asp
> Under Fire, I Space, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Chicago Gallery,
September 8-October7, 2006
> Contributor, Institute for Distributed Creativity Blog (ongoing)
> Curator, YOUgenics 3.0, The Betty Rymer Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
December 2004 – February 2005
> Member, Editorial team, Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Issue 4
> Co-Organizer, The October Surprise, October 8-11, 2004, various venues, Los Angeles
> YOUgenics 2.0, Art & Design Gallery, Southwest Missouri State University
> Curator/Editor Contextin’ Art: Genetically Modified Culture, online exhibition and
publication, http://art-design.smsu.edu/acm/contextin/fall_03
> subRational eruptions, online exhibition for Turbulence.org (New Radio and Performing
Arts) www.turbulence.org/curators/griffis/
> Curator/Editor, Contextin’ Art, online exhibition and publication
> YOUgenics 1.0, Orlo Exhibition Space, Portland, OR, April 2002
> Yul-tensils, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR, December 2001
> Invisible Trajectories: Passing Through the Inland Empire, interactive/website design for a
project at Chaffey College’s Wignall Museum funded by the California Stories Initiative
of the California Council for the Humanities. January, 2006
> The Stem Cell Who Wanted to Be Different, interactive/website design for Cell Track, a
project by SubRosa created for the BioDifference exhibition at Biennial of Electronic
Arts Perth, Australia, 2004.
> Guest speaker, New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program “Tactical
Media” class (taught by Marisa Olson), February 16, 2007
> Guest Presenter (with deGeuzen) on online forum Empyre, moderated by Tracey Benson,
October, 2006
> Touring Tourism: Politics and Positivism, presented at Rethinking Marxism 2006,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, October 27, 2006
> The Temporary Travel Office, Presented at [Fray], School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
organized by the Department of Film, Video and New Media, May 13, 2006
> Parking Public, presented at Version06, Chicago, April 29, 2006.
> Guest Presenter (with the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest) on the online forum Empyre,
November 2005, moderated by Christina McPhee
> Interviewed by Renee Turner as part of deGeuzen’s A Historiography Tracer workshop
series, September, 2005 (archived: http://geuzen.blogs.com/historiography/)
> Walking as Knowing, online exchange, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2005
> Location Focus Discussion, online discussion about geographic information tools and
mapping, organized by Brett Stalbaum and Naomi Spellman of the University of
California, San Diego see: http://34n118w.net/UCHRI/, Nov-Dec 2004
> YOUgenics: Mapping the Politics of the Genome, presentation for Mapping/Culture/
Border/Hacking Visiting Artist Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
December 7, 2004
> Trans-Cultural Mapping, workshop in Lofoten, Norway, organized by RIXC Center for New
Media (Riga, Latvia), June 15-26, 2004
> The Use of Websites in Support of Gay Civil Rights on University Campuses: A Case Study,
presented at the 2004 National Communication Association Conference
> Cultural Interference, Panel at Version4, Chicago Cultural Center, April 29 2004
> Art | Activism | Politics, panel 2002, Orlo Exhibition Space
> Public Art Workshop under Elizabeth Conner, Penland, North Carolina
> Artist as Activist: Environmentalism in the 90s, panel discussion with Suzy Gablik, Ron
Graziani, Orin Pilky, ECU, 1997
> On the Rights of Molotov Man, Harper’s Magazine, Vol. 314, No. 1881, February 2007.
Contributed an image to the article by Joy Garnett and Susan Meiselas.
> Natalie Jeremijenko (review), ArtUS, Issue 16, December January 2007
> Prist Protta nr. 58: Atlas 1, for kunst og folk, 1st edition Nov 2006, a publication of
Forlaget Space Poetry, Denmark (contributed image to collection of artist produced
> The Social Deconstruction of Pictures, Decoys and Destructions, (exhibition catalog)
Overtones Gallery, Los Angeles, November 2006
> Camp Campaign (review), ArtUS, Issue 15, October-November, 2006
> Parking Public: The Storage of Utopia, Glowlab, issue 10, September-October 2006
> Tandem Surfing with Joel Slayton, Rhizome Digest, July 21, 2006
> Entorno (review), ArtUS, Issue 14, July-September, 2006
> Prisoners’ Inventions (review), ArtUS, Issue 13, April-June 2006
> Beyond Green (review), ArtUS, Issue 12, Feb-Mar 2006
> Urban, Rural, Wild (review), ArtUS, Issue 11, Dec-Jan 2005/6
> cited by Beryl Graham in Data Browser 03: Immaterial Curating (Edited by Joasia Krysa &
Geoff Cox, Autonomedia upcoming)
> AxS: At the Intersection of Art & Science (review), ArtUS, Issue 10, Oct-Nov 2005
> AUDC and the Disappearance of Architecture (interview), Rhizome Digest, Sept 16, 2005
> Christina McPhee (review), ArtUS, Issue 9, July-Sept, 2005
> Diana Thater/T. Kelly Mason (review), ArtUS, Issue 9, July-Sept, 2005
> A Walk to Remember (review), Rhizome Digest, June 12, 2005
> Tragic Travelogue, Rhizome Digest, April 19, 2005
> Underfire .1-.2, edited by Jordan Crandall, Witte de With, Rotterdam, 2004
> Parking Public, Glowlab.com, issue 1 Strangers, March-April 2005
> BioBallistic, ArtUS, Issue 7, March-April 2005
> Tandem Surfing the Third Wave with Matthew Fuller, Rhizome Digest, November 23, 2004
> Experiments in the Garden of Good and Evil: a review of gardenLAb, Rhizome Digest,
October 5, 2004
> Locating Locative Media (with Joni Taylor), Rhizome Digest, August 8, 2004
> The Privilege of Broken Windows, Rhizome Digest, June 25, 2004
> The Social Construction of Blogspace, Rhizome Digest, April 30, 2004
> Tandem Surfing the Third Wave with Randall Packer, Furtherfield.org, May 2004;
included in the DIY Survival Handbook, edited by the C6 collective (Nov 2005 London)
> California Dreaming, Furtherfield.org, March 2004
> Tandem Surfing theThird Wave with Jessica Irish, Furtherfield.org, January 2004
> Information in the Expanded Field, Furtherfield.org, November 2003
> Archiving the Bomb, Furtherfield.org, September 2003
> Tandem Surfing the Third Wave with subRosa, Next 5 Minutes 4 Reader, 2003, Amsterdam,
republished in The Interventionists, MassMoCA, MIT Press, 2004
> At Your Own Risk, Furtherfield.org, August 2003
> Meditations on Privilege, FurtherText, August 2003
> Gene Therapy: Critical Art Ensemble confronts the growing biotech industry, The Bear
Deluxe, Summer 2003
> Gift(wrap)ing New Media in an Authentic Chilkat Blanket, Noema Technologie & Società,
Italian online journal, March 2003
> Knitting + Luddism, Soundtoys.net Journal April, 2003
> Cited in Lovink, Geert, Dark Fiber, MIT Press 2003
> Review: Prema Murthy’s “Mythic Hybrid”, Rhizome Digest 11.22.02
> Review: Day Jobs, Soundtoys.net Journal Winter, 2002
> Tandem Surfing The Third Wave with Critical Art Ensemble, published in: MediaReader
May 2001; Lumpen, February 2001; analyse + kritik, Hamburg, August 2004; We love
your computer. An anthology on net art, edited by Jacob Lillemose, Danish ArtNode
Foundation (2005)
> Review, Mark Cooley, New Art Examiner, Dec/Jan 2000/01
> Life Cycles, New Art Examiner, May 2000
> Review of Under Fire, Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune, 9.22.2006
> Practicing Everyday Life, Rhizome News, Michelle Kasprzak, 9.13.2006
> Considerations of the Corporeal (discusses subRosa’s performance for YOUgenics2.0),
Juliet Davis, Intellegent Agent, vol 5, no1, 2005
> Review of YOUgenics 3.0, Rebecca Zorach, Rhizome Digest March 1, 2005
> Temporary Travel Office featured on Spaceandculture.org, October 26, 2004
> Temporary Travel Office: Lofoten Emergency Tourist Kit, featured on we-make-moneynot-
art.com, October 27, 2004
> Art Events Sweep Northeast LA, review of October Surprise, Daniel Hernandez, LA Times,
Oct 10, 2004
> Review of the Tour of the Chicago Technology Park, Ben Syverson, Rhizome, October 7,
> Review of Version>04: invisible Networks, Rebecca Zorach, Rhizome, May 16, 2004
> review of Contextin’ Art, Context Weblog, April 2003
> SubRational eRuptions, NetArtReview, March 11, 2003
> Twin Pique, review of Sexy or Sexism performance, Willamette Week, June 19, 2002
> The Art of Diversity, review of YOUgenics 1.0, DK Row, The Oregonian, April 4, 2002
> One Review, review of YOUgenics 1.0, Willamette Week, April 17, 2002
> Art in Birth, review of Origins Redux, The Fresno Bee, July 2000
> University of Illinois Research Board Grant, The Temporary Travel Office In Residence at
the Timucuan Historic and Ecological Preserve, Jacksonville, Florida, 2006-7
> Temporary Travel Office’s “Parking Public” collected by the Rose Goldsen Archive of New
Media Art, Cornell University Library (managed by Timothy Murray), 2006
> Critic in Residence for Furtherfield.org, 2003-4
> SMSU Public Affairs Grant for subRosa performance, U-GEN-A-CHIX, 2003
> Rivers Scholar, Belize Study Abroad Program. East Carolina University, 1998
> Works archived in Rhizome.org Artbase: Parking Public (2005), Tour of the Chicago
Technology Park (2004), Postcard from Eutopia (2003), youConnect (2003)
> Assistant Preparator, Orange County Museum of Art
Assisted with installation of permanent collection and special exhibitions (January-
February 2005)
> Peter Fetterman Gallery (2004-5) Website management
> Luckman Gallery, Cal State University, Los Angeles (2004-5) On call preparator and
> Rhizome.org (ongoing)
Freelance writer for Net Art News and Digest Publications > Contemporary Crafts
Gallery, Portland, OR (Oct 2000 – May 2002)Sales Manager, Gallery Assistant, Web
> School of Art, East Carolina University (Fall 1997 – Fall 1999)
Graduate Assistant in Mac Design Lab, digital imaging/color correction for Gallery
without Walls, Web Designer for Art Education and Ceramics Departments, GrayGallery
Research Team (African Art Collection), Art History Research Assistant (contemporary
art), A/V Media Center
> Art & Frame Gallery, Jacksonville Beach, FL (1996 – 1997)
> Office Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, UNF (1992-1996)
> Web manager for Critical Art Ensemble Defense Fund (2006)
> Graphic Design for Genewise, a Chicago-based non-profit (2005-6)
> Exhibition consultant – Southern California Library for Social Studies Research (2005)
> Website management – LA Civic Park campaign (2004-5)
> Web Design/Management – October Surprise (2004)
> Graphic Design for the Attorney General of Oregon’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month –
produced “community action kit,” poster and bi-lingual flyers (2003)
> Graphic design for Sexual Assault Resource Center, Portland Oregon
> Graphic Design for Tri-County Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
> Board Member/Exhibition Coordinator, Orlo (environmental/arts non-profit) Portland
> Organizer for art auction, Orlo fundraiser
> Design work for Free Geek Community Technology Center, Portland, ORlb.

Ryan Griffis participates in

  • Violence Online Festival
  • curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne