Rodrigo de Toledo (Brazil)

Rodrigo de Toledo

Rodrigo De Toledo is a graphic designer and fine artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1966. Rodrigo started his painting education in 1981, followed by the degrees of Computer Science Associate (1987), Bachelor of Fine Arts (1992), and Master of Fine Arts (School of the Art Institute of Chicago – 1995). In 1987, he opened a computer animation studio, which evolved into a graphic design studio in 1990. As a designer, Rodrigo worked with clients from diverse industries in Brazil and in the U.S., creating pieces for several media, such as TV commercials, printed publications, web sites and CD-ROMs. In 1995 Rodrigo joined NASA’s Educational Multimedia Research & Development Group as an Art Director, where he developed Interactive Learning pieces and technologies. In 2002, after working as an Interactive Design consultant in San Francisco for three years, De Toledo joined Northern Arizona University as an Assistant Professor of Visual Communication, where he currently works.
The work in visual language has been an integral and ongoing part of De Toledo’s career as an artist and designer, it’s seen in many of his past projects and led to the visual style seen in his work today. This project is a continuation of that effort and a new step in that area of investigation.
De Toledo’s fine art work received awards and grants, and was published and exhibited in Europe, South America, North America and Australia. The nature of the projects ranges from digital imaging, interactive and net art, animation, sound, and painting, or any combination of those.
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Rodrigo de Toledo participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Extasy – the final show