Robert Finder (Australia)

Robert Finder

I am an Australian ’emerging’ artist working mainly with new and electronic media. I frequently use the Internet as an expressive form, and have made a number of websites. I have had images showcased as part of the Australian Noise Festival 2003, and had poetry published through a number of online organisations. The work I am submitting was created during my final year of high school, having studied visual arts, and was considered for exhibition in ArtExpress,
a national exhibiton that includes works of the highest standard created by students studying visual arts in their final year of school. My website, given above, contains more information and samples of the art I create. I am concerned with creating a visual and aural environment that challenges the notion of the artwork and the observer. I see art as contextual and as a means to raise questions which the audience answers.

Robert Finder participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Ocean – netart from Asia & Pacific area