Rick Niebe (Italy)

Rick Niebe (ITA)

Rick Niebe (visual artist)
Deegree is semiotic of Cinema at Pisa University, his research as videoartist is based on a minimal and epigrammatic experimetal re-use of audio visual found materials.
In the last years he directed:
“Totem-Tanz” (2002); “Simsons Youth” (2003); “Zoo” (2004); “Monitor” (2005); “Empire” (2005); “Target” (2005); “Teresa” (2006);
His works has been shown in several international festival and exibitions:

Rick Niebe participates in

NewMediaFest2007 – DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia 2008
Cinematheque – streaming media project environments
Slowtime2007? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne