Ricardo Mbarkho (France/Lebanon)

Ricardo Mbarkho

Ricardo Mbarkho
Artist and University professor.
Lives and works in France and Lebanon.
Born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1974.
Since 2002, Ricardo Mbarkho gives the course of “Art & Video” at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Beirut, where he is Coordinator for Art and Video.

Mbarkho’s concerns question the relation between socio-politic and the new technologies of information and communication in Lebanon. In 2005, he paricipated to the World Summit Contributory Conference on ICT & Creativity in Vienna at the Workshop “eCulture, Creative Content and DigiArts” . He presents as well his lecture “Art and New Media in Lebanon” at Transmediale.05, Berlin; he spoke about the emerging artists’ approaches and positions in today’s Lebanese multi-cultural society, where religion, politics, war and post-war environments are always affecting the identity and belonging crisis. His participation in 2004 at ARS Electronica (Austria) was in the frame of the Digi-Arts project initiated by UNESCO: A workshop focused on the creation of master classes on art, design and technology in the Arab States with a stress on intersection of technology, art, science and society. Mbarkho presented a course proposal on art and moving images, as well as on art and digital networking.

Ricardo Mbarkho is participating in

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  • I-Ocean – netart from Asia & Pacific area
    Current Position of French Netart

  • Cinematheque
  • Cinema_B – Slowtime? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
    curated by Agricola de Cologne

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