Ricardo González Zamora (Mexico)

Ricardo González Zamora.

Ricardo González Zamora is a 21 year old art student, living in Pachuca Hidalgo, he is studying in Instituto de Artes (IdeA) of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH), he has been participated in different exhibitions of painting, drawing, and video, these include, Festival Internacional de Artes Electrónicas y Video Transitio_MX03 in the Central Gallery of Centro Nacional de las Artes (CNA) in Mexico City (in these he was selected for the contest of Young talents in 2009), Concurso Univesitario de Dibujo 2010 in Centro cultural Universitario de la UAEH, in Pachuca Hidalgo, in this contest he has recived an special award, International Show “Entre-Linguas“, in this Project he has been participated with different artists that worked around the world but mostly in Brazil and Latin America. He has been worked in different workshops of Sound Art with Manrico Montero, New media and installation with Enrique Jezik, Video Art with Sergio Medrano.
Now in the present, he is very interested in the new forms of interactive art through different electronic devices and programation lenguages. He is trying to merge painting, video-art and electonic-art to show his own way of percive the world and to represent different aspects of art that has been important to his creative process.