Randee Silv & Patrick Brennan

Randee Silv & patrick brennan, NYC
Abstract painter Randee Silv is editor of Arteidolia and swifts & slows: a quarterly of crisscrossings. She writes wordslabs that have appeared in Posit, Urban Graffiti, Bone Bouquet, Otoliths, Cabinet of Heed, and in Farnessity (dancing girl press). Silv’s asemic drawings & sound notations can be seen on Utsanga, Otoliths,s & Asemic Magazine.

patrick brennan coordinates ensembles, composes & plays the alto saxophone. Recordings include terraphonia (Creative Sources), muhheankuntuk (Clean Feed), which way what, and Sudani (deep dish).

Participants in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down!
Title: “repeated repetitions repeating”, 2020, 2:58
Discarded plastic gloves have been left everywhere, each with its own personality & history, surfacing as sculptural found objects, abstract forms, dialogues. Thestills, paced in rhythmic sequence, emulate the sudden vividness of the glance while likewise functioning as a defining component of the musical structure.
photo collages: Randee Silv
 / sound: patrick brennan