Ramon Suau Lleal (Spain)

Ramon Suau Lleal

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in Design and Multimedia Content Production Engineering and Architecture MDPM. I’m linked to the development of various business projects start-up multimedia network services. My projects had been shown in Spain, Germany and France and I had won several prices.

My investigation work comes from an interaction between video and painting seduced by a certain chaos, not as a synonymous of disorder but as a zone of maximum complexity and therefore of maximum information. My work are fed from a certain aesthetics of error and they stress the lack of information or drops that generate a digital image. As interested as I am in changes of formats, I use a language that does not belong to the environment and I explore changes of resolution: how much information does it fit in an image? The observer works as a screen and is, at the end, who creates the image. He or she “zooms” the reality and has, from the very beginning a sensation of an unreal reality, of a blurry clarity.

The purpose is to explore the limits of the painting to free it, deliberately, from its own stretcher towards an expanded painting. To reflect on the decision making about the creative work, to look for the videographic sight of the painting and to investigate on the observer´s capacity of contemplation, as a classical painting resource, in front of a video piece.