Radio Ruido (Chile)

Radio Ruido

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Radio Ruido has existed since 2004 and was created mostly by University of Chile’s visual arts teachers and musicians, all of them with different aesthetics and technical backgrounds and working individually with non musical sounds such as plastic material, the relationship between the sound and visual arts (sound objects), digital interactive installations, the use of communication media devices (telephone) as generators of sound structures, the sound as a physic and psychophysic phenomenon.
The group organized exhibitions/installations/concerts in theatres and museums in Chile and radiophonic shows, where they put emphasis on the investigation of collective creative process, taking as technical references the improvisation (free jazz), randomness, Exquisite Corpse and automatic production. Today Radio Ruido has as members the following people: Mónica Bate, Ariel Bustamante, Daniel Cruz, Rainer Krause, Alejandro Quiroga, Cristian Sotomayor y Enrique Zamudio.

Radio Ruido participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition IV – Memoryscapes
  • Rainer Krause (Santiago de Chile)