Portrait of the Artist as a Home Page (USA)

Portrait of the Artist as a Home Page

The artist who created “Portrait of the Artist as a Home Page” has chosen to remain anonymous during the initial phase of the work’s dissemination. However, please note that the artist’s film, video and media works have been exhibited widely since 1988 and received numerous awards. Major venues in North America include the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum New York, and the Festival of New Cinema and Media Montreal. International exhibitors include the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bonn Videonale, and the
European Media Art Festival. Additionally, the artist’s work has been included in virtual exhibitions
organized by Alt-X Network, and broadcast on WNET in New York and CANAL+ in France.

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  • Le Musee divisioniste – the global art museum
  • Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraying themselves
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