Osvaldo Ponce (Argentina)

Osvaldo Ponce
Buenos Aires – Argentina

Cinematographer, cameraman, lighting designer and photographer. Lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires, CIEVYC, Image Workshop, University of Palermo, and BAC He specializes in research and experimentation with new formats of video cameras, including DSLRs.

Since 1990 he works as a cameraman for various productions, both domestic and international. Since 1997 works as a cinematographer on TV shows, documentaries, video clips, advertising, video dance, and films.

Cameraman of feature:

“Alone” (Joseph Glusman).
“Palm Sunday” (Joseph Glusman).
“Mosconi” (Lorraine Riposati).
“Estela” (Silvia Di Florio, Walter Goobar)

Director of photography and cameraman on feature films:
“We’re still alive” (Daniele Cini).
“SMO The Forgotten Battalion” (Goyeneche Marcelo).
“Ganges” (Ernesto Baca) in post production.
“Butoh” (Constanza Sanz Palacios) in post production.
“Tango Suomi” (Gabriela Aparicio) taxiing.
“Electroacoustic Music in Argentina”
(Gabriela Aparicio) taxiing.
“I’m Ringo” (José Luis Nacci) taxiing.

Director of photography and lighting designer “Duet for herself” Ana Garat and Pilar Beamonte, premiered at the Experiment Station of the Teatro Colón in 2007, with replacement at the V Festival of Contemporary Dance 2008 at the Teatro Sarmiento and International Theatre Festival 2009 at the Teatro FIBA the Cube.

As a photographer out in the Festival of Light 2010 and CC Recoleta in VideoDanzaBA International Festival 2009 and 2011.

His work as a director of experimental short film and video dance, has been selected in national and international festivals