Pintor Z (Chile)

Pintor Z

Pintor Z (Santiago Chile, 1970) is the sound pseudonymous of Mario Z, a visual artist who experiments and builds musical ambientes out of the look of the paintings (visual) working also with the meaning of being an artist and what this implies: social life inserted in a circuit with dreams of “fame and fortune”. The basics operations that the work of Mario Z produced are the sound captation (voices, noises, etc.), sampling and the posterior mix of all these things, plus the personal contributions, to reach a layered work whish is similar to a painting but works as a soundtrack. Mario Z interests and work is informed by the terms of postproduction matters. His creative process can be compared with the work of a DJ in a way that the painter/artist share the same modus operandi. They are both constructors and reinterpreters of ideas, for example the sampling or stealing as operation in relation with the loops versus the visual seriality and the loss of narration.

Pintor Z participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition IV – Memoryscapes
  • Soundart from Chile
    curated by Rainer Krause (Santiago de Chile)