Pierre Élie Mamou (Spain)

Pierre Élie Mamou

After his architecture, urbanism and composition studies (with David G. Emmerich and Iannis Xenakis), Pierre Élie (Pedro Elias) Mamou meets Constant (Cobra) who was inmersed into his Unitary Urbanism project named “New Babylon”. In this circunstances starts the idea of a “musical” drift, based on the sounds of the cities and voices and words of his habitants. Sometime, this drifts leads to works for and with marginal communities by diverses reasons, as cultural, social or political ones: they are works that collect, express or depose a time and about the walk, fast, quick, passionate sometimes, of a casual group of flying pioneers (or poets). They are traces. Perhaps exile traces.
Arise, in that way “Situación nº 1 Aravaca” (“Situation nº 1 Aravaca”), realised with Dominican Republic women or “Próxima estación” (“Next station”) made with africans who lives on Madrid´s Metro (underground). The “derivas” in Palermo (selected by Radio Nacional (Spanish National Radio) to represent Spain on the Prix Italia), Amsterdam, Toledo, Aravaca, Dakar, Logroño, Lugo, Venecia, Bolonia, Marsella, Alicante… could be heared on his respective cities and were invited to some festivals and radio stations (Rne, Rai, Australian Broadcasting…).
Pedro Elías Mamou has been invited, with diverses compositions for dance, films scores or orchestral groups, in Madrid (Festival de Otoño, Deriva in the Museo Reina Sofía, Danza en el Metro, Artes Alternativas, Museo Antropológico), Logroño (Festival Actual), Alicante (Internacional de Música contemporánea), Nueva-York (Orange Shuffle), Bolonia (Nonostantetutto), Modena y Brescia (Espagna Oggi), Roma (La citta e i suoni)…

Pierre Élie Mamou participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition I
  • Soundart from Spain
    curated by Juan Antonio Lleó