Philip Mantione (USA)

Philip Mantione

Philip Mantione has composed music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, fixed media, computer-interactive performance, multimedia installations, and experimental video. His music has premiered at Merkin Hall in NYC, the Bing Theatre at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and recently at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mantione’s CD-rom, Sinusoidal Tendencies was presented at the Media Arts Festival in Osnabrück, Germany, and his work has been heard in festivals and on new music radio around the globe. He is a music facilitator, event producer and curator at Santa Fe Complex, where he leads the SFMax, a monthly event that presents the work of composers using interactive audio software, and The UUUUT Experiment (<65 dB), a series of experiments in improvisation governed by a projected decibel meter he created using MAX/Msp. In June 2009, Mantione curated and organized FrankenCircuit, an installation of kinetic sound sculptures and live performances, involving over twenty artists, musicians, and technologists. He recently formed The Transducers, a group of five composers and improvisors from diverse backgrounds that utilizes laptops, custom software, sound sculptures, circuit bending and custom electronics to produce unique sonic worlds. A new collaboration with sound artist, Martin Back, spawned a weather-driven sound installation called, ATMOSPHERE EVO-LUTE, which opened at the MOV-IN Gallery in Santa Fe in November 2009. He was recently awarded a grant from Meet The Composer, for his participation in a series of workshops, a panel discussion and concert, as part of an event he conceived called The Improvising Composer, scheduled for March 2010. Since 2005, Mantione has collaborated with multimedia and video artist, Alysse Stepanian, under the name BOX 1035, creating five major multimedia installations, including at galleries in Beijing, Berlin, and the Islip Museum of Art in New York.